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Tiger Zinda Hai (Review )

#Review_ZindaHai by ** Well … the movie begins with the abduction of Indian (and Pakistani) nurses in Ikrit, a town controlled by ISIS and the rest is about Bhai / Tiger (Poacher) rescuing them with the help of Kat, RAW, ISI & the US armed forces. Half the movie is about Bhai & Kat trying to promote peace between India & Pak. Somehow, the director manages to create a mess out of this movie, especially in editing. Some , just don’t make sense. Must add here that the director, gets…

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Golmaal Again by Movies Films 

Watch Movie Golmaal Again – Excellent narration

because STORY is awesome  ! Review by team Story explained very well. First time GOOD soul who wants to take revenge is seen taking help of Living Human beings.  Paisa Wassol ( Money spent on tickets is worthy )  Golmaal Again is yet another fun filled ride about two gangs who are unable to stand each other since their childhood and how they repulse each other even after they grow up. It is yet another hilarious adventure with its fair share of thrills that are sure to surprise the…

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